The power to help to build Jamaica is in our hands as consumers. We have the power to stop this madness .All we have to do is to walk away from the imported goods.

Build Jamaica Now is looking for dedicated volunteers and companies with a passion for Jamaica to dedicate time to this worthy cause.We need volunteers in each town across Jamaica.Our main objective is to create awareness of products MADE IN JAMAICA.The products we will highlight,  will have to be certified by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards or other International certification bodies.Our volunteers will be very active in supermarkets,retail outlets and wholesale establishments,reminding them to select our local products over their imported competitors.Some of our mode of promoting our local products will be, shelf talkers, radio advertisements, newspaper, flyers, t shirts, media interviews and others.

Volunteers can send personal information to rmalcolm@islandbreezesplash.com.

Upcoming events will be posted.Stay tuned.


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    To All Local Manufacturers,

    2010 Was not the best for us as local manufacturers in Jamaica.A lot of us were faced with uphill challenges of competing with imported products,which undoubtedly won the challenge.They out numbered the locally manufactured products by a large ratio on the retail shelves.The factory spaces that once buzzed with manufacturing have now been converted into distribution outlets.This certainly is not an engine of growth for our economy,this only pushes us backward as a nation . Let us join forces as local manufacturers ,by coming together to build this great country of ours.
    We strongly encourage all local manufacturers and those in the farming industry to come together at http://www.buyjamaicanbuildjamaica.wordpress.com ,to make suggestions,get questions answered ,put words into action and reach one positive goal. The aim for this venture is to ” BUILD JAMAICA NOW ” and will embark on a campaign to sensitize the Jamaican consumers to be more vigilant in purchasing Jamaican products when shopping,and to help them to become more aware of the effects it will have on our economy. BUILD JAMAICA NOW looks forward to your support, Unity is strength, let us build Jamaica now.

    Wishing you a prosperous 2011

    God Bless
    Rosemarie Malcolm

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