Jamaica Country Flag 30X40 Cloth Textile Fabric Poster - click to enlarge



  1. It is amazing to know that Jamaica is the largest importer of goods out of Trinidad next to the U.S.A and yet Trinidad imports much less than 10% of products manufactured in Jamaica ! Our population is approximately 3 million , whereas Trinidad’s is less than half of Jamaica’s population.Who should need who more ?We are a proud and strong race who have set very high standards for ourselves,when we put our hearts and souls to anything we can achieve it.
    When we look on the supermarket shelves, they are almost filled with goods imported from the U.SA and TRINIDAD .Jamaica has become the dumping ground for many products that has failed in its market of origin.Bottled water is a very important example,Jamaica is a land of wood and water,yet we import water.Why are we spending precious U.S. dollars to import goods that are locally manufactured in Jamaica?It is full time we become aware of what it does to our country and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! we have the power ! Local manufacturers are faced with an uphill challenge of getting their products on the supermarket shelves while the imported goods are readily accepted.As Jamaicans lets stand together and build our country in which we believe and love.This we can do by reading the labels and purchasing the products marked MADE IN JAMAICA.

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