Jamaica Country Flag 30X40 Cloth Textile Fabric Poster - click to enlarge

We want to start our series of events ,1 st February 2011.We hope we will have enough people on board to make a difference and to feel the effects of what we will do. They are simple steps ,but if we all participate it will be effective on our economy ,hence all Jamaicans will benefit.It will not be easy ,neither will we feel the difference,we just have to believe in ourselves and take small steps.Look out for our first move forward.




    For the month of February we will embark on a campaign to rebuild our manufacturing sector.Let us do this on an individual basis. If each person do their part we will be able to do it.There are no excuses,after all there will be no one to blame but ourselves. WE WILL ALL REFRAIN FROM PURCHASING ALL IMPORTED DRINKS FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY. After all if we the people do not buy them. then no one will. right ?
    Fellow Jamaicans prove how strong we are. For those living overseas tell your family and friends of this move and let us all do our part.

    God Bless.Yes We Can

  2. Getting closer everyone !! we will unite and not purchase any imported beverage for the month of February. Spread the word to everyone you know and watch the power we have in our country !!


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